Consulting Services

Sequel Consulting Engineers offers an unrivalled service to our client base. Our expert team of Engineers analyse collapse, damage and deterioration to a range of structures or services to verify the cause of damage. A scope of works can then be provided to either repair or rebuild to Australian Standards; the Sequel.

All our engineering services are completed in a professional, cost effective and timely manor. From cyclones, floods, earthquakes and fires to impact damages, cracks and major structural failure, we supply services to enable our clients to repair or rebuild any building/service from domestic homes to large factories and shopping centres.

Two of our Engineers hold Commercial Pilots Licenses. Our aircraft is used around the state as a cost effective mode of transport, allowing us to access remote locations without the restrictive timetables of Western Australia’s public aviation transport services.

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Our highly experienced team include structural, mechanical and electrical engineers.  We also provide services in architectural design, building consulting/surveying, geotechnical engineering and drafting to complement our service delivery.  In addition to structural assessments our team review mechanical and electrical failures. We provide reports on what happened, how it happened and include detailed scopes or overviews on how to fix it and if required, an estimated cost to repair.

Forensic Damage Assessment Reports

Our Engineers assess and investigate damage that has occurred to buildings and structures from a wide range of causes such as fire, storm, earthquake, cyclone, flood and impact, just to name a few.  Our team determine how the damage occurred, the extent of the damage and how to fix it.

We adhere to the National Construction Code standards and refer to historical data for research including weather, aerial photography and seismographic reports. In-depth scopes of works are provided to detail what is required to bring the structure/service back to its original condition with plans to assist the Builder or Contractor.

CAD Site Plans & Scopes of Works

From simple one room or area to complete buildings and homes, our CAD plans identify and detail the extent of damage and pinpoint hazards. The repair process is fully documented with a scope of works.

National Construction Code Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is required before a Building Permit, Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate can be granted by a permit authority. Sequel Consulting Engineers are able to provide the following compliance certificates:

Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3)
Certificate of Construction Compliance (BA17)
Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18)
Energy Efficiency Certificate

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

The ever increasing cost of compliance now includes the introduction of the Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL) which is required in WA as part of the building licence application process. To maintain our simple and easy “one stop shop” for insurers, owners and builders, we include the BAL assessment as part of our service provision.

Drone Services & Infrared Photography

Our drone and infrared technology allows us to see what others simply can’t.

Drone imagery is used to gain a big picture view of the surrounds and access areas of buildings that humans cannot.

Our Infrared technology provides our Engineers a visual spectrum in sourcing the location of damp areas and leaks, construction methods, fractures in buildings, electrical faults and general building issues all in one photo. By measuring the heat variations in the surface the camera creates a visual image of the problem area.

Water, Soil & Concrete Testing

On some occasions laboratory testing is necessary to provide the data we need to determine the cause or extent of damage. Sequel Consulting Engineers has access to the best Specialists in the business whether it be for continued or one off testing.

Damage Claims Insurance

Pre-Construction Surveys

Sequel Consulting Engineers can provide the services of a pre-construction/dilapidation survey to establish the condition of existing buildings and structures adjacent to or in close proximity to where construction is about to begin. The PCS assists both the property owner and the builder/developer to ensure any damage caused can be fairly assessed. An experienced Building Surveyor carries out the survey.

Vibration Monitoring

During construction activities vibrations can cause structural damage to buildings. Monitoring PPV levels enables risks to be assessed and ultimately results in a reduction in claims. Vibration monitoring enables builders and contractors to control activities on the construction site to make sure the site is a quiet site.

Generally, we are asked to test equipment onsite and monitor at the boundaries to enable the correct choice of machinery and frequency on the site, sometimes for instance a heavier compactor is less damaging than a lighter one. Having data on site can assist you to reduce costs and keep the public informed whilst also reducing legal and insurance costs.

Project Management

Our Project Management service is ideal for large projects that are approved to progress. We manage the entire project from the initial make safe to its satisfactory completion including payment approvals and progress reports.